Build local maps with your own scale and focus


Help the visitors of your exhibition find their way with an interactive map! Working on desktop and mobile, this map will be their guide to discover the exhibitors and the services of the exhibition center.

Real Estate

You are selling land lots or a community program? Represent it directly into its environment with an interactive map, and add information about each lot for the visitor of your website.


If you are going to change the skyline of a city, why not show what it's going to look like? Add 3D views of your future buildings directly into the entire city on your website with this map.

And more!

We can adapt our maps for many different businesses: golf courses, ski resorts, camp sites, shopping centers, sport events, ...

Supported platforms

If you chose to integrate a map into your website, it will work in any modern browser. From a desktop, a tablet or on a smartphone, your visitors will be able to use your map on their favorite device.

Our maps can be integrated into native Android and iOS applications: we will provide the code to add rich, immersive maps to your apps. Download and try our demos now:

Android iOS coming soon

Mapping your world !

Great projects like Google Maps and Open Street Map have made the whole planet available on your screen. But what if you could map your own local events, your own business, or add what matters to you to build maps of your world ? We want to help you create beautiful interactive maps that will fit in your website or smartphone application. Use our services to:

  • create local maps, for exhibitions, real estate agencies, architecture projects and many more!
  • add interactivity by adding relevant information directly on the map
  • create a useful, modern way of informing your users through maps

The maps can be integrated very easily into your website; they will work in both desktop or mobile browsers.