Here is an example (from Vinexpo 2013) of an interactive map for an exhibition:

You can also download our native Android application.


Adding an interactive map to your exhibition website will provide visitors with a lot of information condensed in one place. By zooming out, you see where the exhibition center is located, you can even get walking or driving directions to get there. By zooming in, you enter the exhibition center and see the detail of each stand on which you can click to get further information about the exhibitor. The map can also show all the facilities of the exhibition center: restaurants, toilets, emergency exits, ...

The map is working on desktop or mobile browsers, making it an ideal tool to prepare a visit at home on a computer, or to find your way at the exhibition center on a smartphone.


As you can see on the example above, our maps provide the following features:

  • Detailed map of all the exhibitor stands
  • Each stand is clickable to display additionnal information
  • Driving/walking directions to or from the exhibition center
  • Outlining an exhibitor that has been searched for
  • Displaying markers for facilities like restaurants, information center, toilets, ...
  • If GPS is available, accurate localization of the user on the map
  • At deep zoom levels, the number or the name of all the exhibitors is displayed on map

Technical details

From a technical point of view, our maps are standard HTML and Javascript code. They can therefore be integrated very easily into a page of an existing website, and we can help you do this integration if needed. The colors and the style of the map can be adjusted to blend beautifully into your website.

You can also make the choice to have our maps integrated into a native Android or iOS application. In that case, we provide the source code to be added to your project.