Real Estate

Here is an example of an interactive map for real estate. It shows the limit of each lot, but can also outline a house that will be built on it (like in lot 16, 17 and 18).


Integrating this interactive map into your real estate website will give your visitors the best information in a glimpse: it shows the future community program in its environment, giving a sense of the whole area while accurately showing the position of each lot. Simply hovering the map will give all the addition details you see relevant about the lots, like surface and price, parking lots, etc.

The map can also integrate other services, like finding points of interests in the area (to look for schools, shopping centers, ...) or giving driving directions together with average commute time. This will give your visitor the possibility to check lot of information about the location without having to leave your website.

We provide our maps with a tool that gives you the possibility to modify the information of each lot, to mark one of them as booked or sold for example.


As you can test on our examples, our maps provide the following features:

  • Display the land parcels in their real environment
  • Each land lot or house is clickable to get detailed information
  • Possibility to search for points of interests (see this example)
  • Possibility to get average commute time (see this example)
  • Also works on mobile phones (see this example)

Technical details

From a technical point of view, our maps are standard HTML and Javascript code. They can therefore be integrated very easily into a page of an existing website, and we can help you do this integration if needed. The colors and the style of the map can be adjusted to blend beautifully into your website.

You can also make the choice to have our maps integrated into a native Android or iOS application. In that case, we provide the source code to be added to your project.