Here is the future railway station extension in Bordeaux, France (planned for 2017):


From a single building to a whole neighborhood, any urbanism project has to be able to display views of the future constructions. But what if you could give a sense of it not as separate images but directly into a view of the city itself? This is what we can provide with this new type of map using the Google aerial view where available. The visitors of your website will be able to see your project from the 4 cardinal points.

You can combine this 3D view with regular 2D mapping to show the new streets, parks, services of your project.


Our maps for urbanism provide the following features:

  • 3D representation of buildings shown directly in 45° views of the city
  • Represent other 2D features: new streets, parks, ...
  • Add interactivity to provide additional information about the buildings

Technical details

From a technical point of view, our maps are standard HTML and Javascript code. They can therefore be integrated very easily into a page of an existing website, and we can help you do this integration if needed. The colors and the style of the map can be adjusted to blend beautifully into your website.

You can also make the choice to have our maps integrated into a native Android or iOS application. In that case, we provide the source code to be added to your project.